UR Association – About Us

Who We Are

We operate as a marketing arm for dozens of the largest companies on the web to help generate new business by expanding existing customer bases while raising brand awareness.
We are a team of diversified professionals, from all corners of the globe, who are united by a common interest in creating more personal and financial freedom through entrepreneurship. This team has mastered the art of helping professionals create significant secondary income streams outside of their primary careers in a way that complements what they are currently doing.
With representatives from Shanghai to Delhi and across the United States, we have the potential to do business in 180 countries around the globe; as the world becomes more interconnected, URA puts you in position to take advantage of the trends in this new global economy.

What We Do

Sales and Marketing
We are a marketing arm for dozens of major retailers. We work closely with some of the largest companies on the web in order to help them continue to develop a greater market share in the competitive and ever-changing world of e-commerce. Our track record of success is a direct reflection of the quality of individuals we have selected to join our team.

Relationship Building
Though we believe in the power of the web as a tool to create revenue, we also understand that “high touch” is just as important as “high tech.” As a result, we focus on building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with both customers and team members. Trust and service are the cornerstones of these relationships.

Time Management
The large majority of professionals affiliated with this mentorship team have limited time outside of their full-time employment and family life. This is why thousands of our team members around the country have found our system of creating passive income to be beneficial as a means of generating a secondary revenue stream around a flexible schedule.

Team Development
At our core we are a team of entrepreneurs. We continue to expand with credible individuals of character and integrity who are tired of the status quo. The founders have created an environment in which individuals can flourish and develop hand-selected teams of like minded individuals—a fundamental component to the success of any organization.

UR Association Mission Statement

We are a private member-based business of independent business owners chartered to support and help our members grow strong, profitable, and secure businesses. We believe that each person has been designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed by our Creator with the seeds of greatness. To foster personal and business growth, we provide a mentoring and coaching environment, and an educational system that includes business conferences, specialized seminars, and business development support materials. We teach and build on foundational principles of God, freedom, free enterprise, family, and leadership.  We embrace and model the warrior spirit, courage, and leadership needed to protect, defend, and preserve these principles.  Through our commitment to excellence and quality services, we help our stakeholders achieve their personal, business, and financial goals. We strive to strengthen families, relationships, friendships, and the free enterprise system.


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Ed Vicinanza told us that the most important thing about being a part of UR Association was that the organization provides an atmosphere in which one can create a legacy for those coming behind us. “We think one of the most important aspects of what we do is to be able to put our family, …