A Conversation With David and Sharron Coley

When David and Sharron Coley first began envisioning their business, first impressions where everything—their early, positive experiences helped them become the successful business owners they are today. And because they were so inspired they’ve not only become successful business owners, but leaders and mentors as well.

David and Sharron Coley first met David and Kristin Dussault at a local Business Brief. David said he was immediately inspired by their “passion and energy.” However the passion and energy wasn’t what most impressed him. David noted specifically that the atmosphere of integrity the Dussaults nurtured was one in which he would be willing “to build a business and have my family associated with.” Having been a military family that moved around a lot, the Coleys immediately recognized something permanent they could be a part of.

The Coleys began working with the Dussaults in 2007. From what David said, it seemed like his first impression of everyone in the organization was that they were excited, energized and motivated.

David said that when he first met the Dussaults he saw them as a team that was going somewhere. And the Coleys have found themselves going somewhere.  David said he has seen “tremendous growth” in he and Sharron’s business and attributes that to the “leadership and personal mentorship” they receive. He made it clear that no matter where he looked he saw successful and inspiring leaders. David said “The board of directors of the business are the right people, in the right place at the right time to help you move forward.”

The Coleys themselves have become leaders and mentors. Amway Achieve® magazine notes the Coley’s trip to Grand Rapids during which they shared the mentoring spirit by speaking to a group of Amway® employees and Western Michigan Aviation Academy students.* The article says of the couple, “As members of the U.S. Air Force, both know first hand that the sky is, in fact, not the limit.”*

It was important that the Dussaults made another impression on Sharron and David early on, in David’s words, it was their “glass house mentality.” David went on to explain, “they are the same on stage as they are in other aspects of their life.”

This was the biggest surprise for David, “it was that they were real.” David continued, “in my background people were not always as they appear behind closed doors. If there was anything that was a surprise it was that they are absolutely, one-hundred percent real.”

The authentic presence of the Dussaults and others in their organization lead the Coleys to challenge themselves to succeed.

When asked what has been most challenging about working with the organization David responded, “trying to explain to a person who doesn’t understand who we are, what we do, what we represent has been the most challenging.”

David explained, “Because it’s the purity of purpose we have with the organization. Particularly when you look at John and Jenny Belle Crowe and their life and what they’ve been through, and that they still want to stand up and want to lead this organization. That is pretty pure.”

David pointedly ended by saying the challenge wasn’t so daunting it keeps him from succeeding, but that it takes energy and dedication.

The Achieve® article also cites the Coley’s speech in Grand Rapids, when Sharron spoke of challenges: “When I started telling people I wanted to fly airplanes, I heard a lot of people say, “People from here [Baltimore] …we don’t do stuff like that, Sharron…There is no way!” You have to see yourself where you want to be.”*

Sharron saw where she wanted to be. She went on to become a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Now her and David’s business continues to grow as they envision their goals and reach towards them with the help of others and by helping others.

*Achieve Volume 8, Issue 3 2015