Principle Centered Leadership Can Change Your Life – Dustin and Amy Delay

When Dustin and Amy Delay sat down to tell us their story, Amy said that she was initially unsure about the possibility of “starting our own business”, but that meeting the leaders of UR Association quickly convinced both her and Dustin that the possibilities were endless. The Delays noted that the executive committee members demonstrated by example how successful one could be in both their business careers and personal lives. The Delays stated that, “After learning about the principles that the executive committee members and other leaders stood on, we both got very excited. All of them have tremendous businesses and lifestyles, but their success in their marriages is what sets them apart from any other organization or business we have ever been a part of.”

We asked the Delays to tell about why the leaders in the organization were so successful in so many facets of their lives. Amy answered, “The principle centered leadership of the organization is what sets it apart. The men and women of the executive team honor their word and really have a heart for others and are incredibly strong in their faith in God.” Dustin noted that the organization was very family oriented, which was surprising to both of Dustin and Amy, “They are very focused on the next generation and building legacies for kids and grandkids.”

The Delays continued by discussing how their family’s life would be different had they never had the opportunity to pursue their dreams through this entrepreneurial opportunity: “Our lives would be totally different. We wouldn’t be free. We would both be working full time jobs and would probably be super stressed out. We wouldn’t see our families as much as we do now. Also, we wouldn’t travel as much as we do.”

Beyond the opportunity for a more ideal lifestyle, we asked the Delays why they would recommend this business opportunity to others. They noted that, “Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, the organization is on the cutting edge of that and they are training others to own an ECommerce business. We have seen that many people are now looking for a business of their own. With the job market changing and the economy becoming more internet based, this business is a great fit for many who are looking for a unique opportunity. Many college graduates are starting to realize the job market isn’t as great as it used to be and the average salaries right out of college can make it challenging to get debt free, get ahead and plan for retirement.”

We then asked Amy and Dustin what someone who was interested in such a business opportunity absolutely needed to know before getting started: “It is hands down the best opportunity for anyone to start their own business. We believe the organization is filled with principle centered leadership who are willing to help others and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs. So, even with little to no business skills people can become successful.”

“Obviously it takes hard work, but not any more work than we or anyone else is already going to devote to full time careers. Not everyone decides to do the work, but the ones who are driven have a lifestyle like none we have ever seen.”