Unity Through Diversity – Todd and Nicole Ryder

When Todd and Nicole Ryder look at America and their community, they see a lot of people searching for something different — both in their careers and their personal lives. Todd sees that “The economy and student debt are driving younger and younger people to think about their financial futures, about retirement. And there are other folks, maybe in the middle of their careers, who haven’t saved as much as they’ve wanted to. And then there are others who are just looking to add additional assets to their lives.” 

Todd continued to explain, “There is a trend in the market place where a lot of people just want to be an entrepreneur, they want more control over their lives, they want options. They want to create something that is uniquely theirs. Many of these people are graduating from college, trying to start families and they are looking at the lives their parents have made and don’t necessarily want to replicate that.”

When we asked the Ryders why they believed UR Association could help the kind of people Todd had been describing, Nicole answered that, “The system UR Association has in place is such that if we took ourselves out of the equation our team would be able to move forward and succeed without us. People need to see the heart beat of the organization. They need to come to one of our larger events and see how we come together and how through that unity we become excited about each other’s growth. When other people have success, you have success.”    

“You don’t see this much in corporate America, people putting others before themselves.” Todd added. “But UR Association is different.”  

Nicole continued, “There are people I know, people who aren’t part of this team, or any team. They have very few positive influences and I can see the differences and gaps in their lives. Our lives are so rich and our perspective has been shaped by the people we associate with. The way we look at the future has changed for the better.”

 “The future is bright,” Todd said, “A lot of young entrepreneurs in the organization are making their move and this brings new ways of thinking, new growth and new excitement. When combined with the wisdom and experience of people who have been in business for twenty, thirty, forty years you have an organization rich in perspectives and backgrounds.”

“This all comes together to create a system in which a person who wants to be an entrepreneur has a high chance of success if they put the work in.” Todd said. “In our system a person can move at any speed they want and with the variety of backgrounds and perspectives in our team, they can find a way to make the business work for them.”

Todd summed things by describing the organization as one that strives for perfection while realizing they are human as well. “We see this as a positive and exciting challenge that anyone can be a part of.”