A Bright and Shining Future- Lynn Field

When we sat down to talk with Lynn Field she began by describing a world that is continuously changing. “We are living in an age where you can do on an app on your smartphone what used to take a room full of computers and people. Recognizing this has helped UR Association stay on the frontier of business technology. For example, an array of apps have been made available to us that allow us to control a widespread business with out being chained to an office.”

Lynn continued, “With so many people succeeding at higher levels, the organization has created a large  leadership network whose individual ideas and experiences will allow us to stay on the frontier of business and technology. When you have this network of diverse leadership who continue to teach and serve well past the point of needing to build additional income its hard to fail if you are willing to put the work in. We are confident that this organization will be sustainable because it was founded on the right priorities.”

“We have found that the relationships created inside of UR Association have become almost as tight as family. It teaches such a high caliber of honesty, integrity, and character that we are thrilled to involve our children with the business as much as possible.”

“With out the opportunity to get involved with an organization who has prioritized remaining relevant our lives would be average. We would work an average amount of hours, forty to fifty a week, this would lead to an average amount of time spent with our kids, maybe a couple of hours a day, and we would have an average savings account, hopefully retiring at an average age.”

“We have built something we can integrate our children into one day and they can take it into the future with them. And we have been able to achieve this because this mentality is at the heart of the organization.”

Lynn Field