Planting a Seed for Tomorrow – Patrick Nolan

“Not to sound cliché, but I can’t imagine what my life would look like without UR Association.” Patrick Nolan says as we sit down to talk with him. “I don’t know what my life would look like, but it wouldn’t be a life worth writing a story about. Mediocre. Coasting. Only Surviving. Average. Being a part of the organization has allowed me the opportunity to become a leader.”

“Being a leader in this organization is humbling.” Patrick continues. “Here you don’t become a leader because you’re an amazing business owner or because you’ve made the most money. We all help each other recognize our potential. When you’ve helped enough people tap into their potential you become a leader. No one does it 100% on their own. No one can take 100% of the credit.” 

“Learning from people who have fruit on the trees in all areas of their lives is a big part of the experience and reward of being a part of this business.” Patrick tells us. “I’ve met the most incredible people on the planet Earth because of my association with URA. Whether it’s folks like my mentors David and Sharron Coley, both successful former members of the United States Air Force, or someone like John Sestina who is so respected by his peers in the world of finance. Joining the organization felt like finally meeting real men and women of character for the first time.” 

“We are all making a future together. And there is a lot of interest in the business from people from all kinds of backgrounds. I’ve seen a lot of interest specifically from Millennials—we’ve seen the other options and decided that we don’t want to work forever!”

“This organization provides the opportunity for all people, but increasingly young people, to make a different choice. It is constantly improving as a business. There is always one more level to reach for and we are always striving to stay on the cutting edge.”