Ed Vicinanza Talks About Leaving a Legacy For Those Coming Behind You

Ed Vicinanza told us that the most important thing about being a part of UR Association was that the organization provides an atmosphere in which one can create a legacy for those coming behind us. “We think one of the most important aspects of what we do is to be able to put our family, our kids, our close associates in the hands of people who thrive in an atmosphere of high moral standards. Moral standards, not business standards. The most important thing is to leave a legacy, a foot hold for those coming up the mountain behind us.”

Edward continued, “You can’t measure leadership on how great the leader is, you measure it by how great the people coming up behind the leader are. And that is what this organization is all about. It is a place to grow and create a secure, bright future.”

“I’ve seen a lot of increased interest in entrepreneurship,” Edward tells us, “There are people in all walks of life finding it harder to be successful in traditional careers, finding themselves not reaching their potential. And that’s O.K., we aren’t perfect. This organization provides an atmosphere in which many hard workers will be successful and find recognition for their success through the people they help.”

“The leaders of this organization live this everyday by continually leading from the front. They don’t rest on their laurels. For them, it isn’t about who they are or their past success, its about where they are going and who they can be.”

“The hardest part about being a member of this team is keeping up with the work ethic and the powerful way in which they are hungry to move forward in their business. Our older children are a part of our business and the youngest wants to be, even though they love and respect their parents, their heroes are David and Kristen Dussault.”

“And that is what we want for everyone we associate with. We want them to be a part of this group that has such a secure moral compass which they follow in all aspects of their lives.”