Ed Vicinanza Talks About Leaving a Legacy For Those Coming Behind You

Ed Vicinanza told us that the most important thing about being a part of UR Association was that the organization provides an atmosphere in which one can create a legacy for those coming behind us. “We think one of the most important aspects of what we do is to be able to put our family, our kids, our close associates in the hands of people who thrive in an atmosphere of high moral standards. Moral standards, not business standards. The most important thing is to leave a legacy, a foot hold for those coming up the mountain behind us.”

Edward continued, “You can’t measure leadership on how great the leader is, you measure it by how great the people coming up behind the leader are. And that is what this organization is all about. It is a place to grow and create a secure, bright future.”

“I’ve seen a lot of increased interest in entrepreneurship,” Edward tells us, “There are people in all walks of life finding it harder to be successful in traditional careers, finding themselves not reaching their potential. And that’s O.K., we aren’t perfect. This organization provides an atmosphere in which many hard workers will be successful and find recognition for their success through the people they help.”

“The leaders of this organization live this everyday by continually leading from the front. They don’t rest on their laurels. For them, it isn’t about who they are or their past success, its about where they are going and who they can be.”

“The hardest part about being a member of this team is keeping up with the work ethic and the powerful way in which they are hungry to move forward in their business. Our older children are a part of our business and the youngest wants to be, even though they love and respect their parents, their heroes are David and Kristen Dussault.”

“And that is what we want for everyone we associate with. We want them to be a part of this group that has such a secure moral compass which they follow in all aspects of their lives.”

Planting a Seed for Tomorrow – Patrick Nolan

“Not to sound cliché, but I can’t imagine what my life would look like without UR Association.” Patrick Nolan says as we sit down to talk with him. “I don’t know what my life would look like, but it wouldn’t be a life worth writing a story about. Mediocre. Coasting. Only Surviving. Average. Being a part of the organization has allowed me the opportunity to become a leader.”

“Being a leader in this organization is humbling.” Patrick continues. “Here you don’t become a leader because you’re an amazing business owner or because you’ve made the most money. We all help each other recognize our potential. When you’ve helped enough people tap into their potential you become a leader. No one does it 100% on their own. No one can take 100% of the credit.” 

“Learning from people who have fruit on the trees in all areas of their lives is a big part of the experience and reward of being a part of this business.” Patrick tells us. “I’ve met the most incredible people on the planet Earth because of my association with URA. Whether it’s folks like my mentors David and Sharron Coley, both successful former members of the United States Air Force, or someone like John Sestina who is so respected by his peers in the world of finance. Joining the organization felt like finally meeting real men and women of character for the first time.” 

“We are all making a future together. And there is a lot of interest in the business from people from all kinds of backgrounds. I’ve seen a lot of interest specifically from Millennials—we’ve seen the other options and decided that we don’t want to work forever!”

“This organization provides the opportunity for all people, but increasingly young people, to make a different choice. It is constantly improving as a business. There is always one more level to reach for and we are always striving to stay on the cutting edge.”  

A Bright and Shining Future- Lynn Field

When we sat down to talk with Lynn Field she began by describing a world that is continuously changing. “We are living in an age where you can do on an app on your smartphone what used to take a room full of computers and people. Recognizing this has helped UR Association stay on the frontier of business technology. For example, an array of apps have been made available to us that allow us to control a widespread business with out being chained to an office.”

Lynn continued, “With so many people succeeding at higher levels, the organization has created a large  leadership network whose individual ideas and experiences will allow us to stay on the frontier of business and technology. When you have this network of diverse leadership who continue to teach and serve well past the point of needing to build additional income its hard to fail if you are willing to put the work in. We are confident that this organization will be sustainable because it was founded on the right priorities.”

“We have found that the relationships created inside of UR Association have become almost as tight as family. It teaches such a high caliber of honesty, integrity, and character that we are thrilled to involve our children with the business as much as possible.”

“With out the opportunity to get involved with an organization who has prioritized remaining relevant our lives would be average. We would work an average amount of hours, forty to fifty a week, this would lead to an average amount of time spent with our kids, maybe a couple of hours a day, and we would have an average savings account, hopefully retiring at an average age.”

“We have built something we can integrate our children into one day and they can take it into the future with them. And we have been able to achieve this because this mentality is at the heart of the organization.”

Lynn Field

Unity Through Diversity – Todd and Nicole Ryder

When Todd and Nicole Ryder look at America and their community, they see a lot of people searching for something different — both in their careers and their personal lives. Todd sees that “The economy and student debt are driving younger and younger people to think about their financial futures, about retirement. And there are other folks, maybe in the middle of their careers, who haven’t saved as much as they’ve wanted to. And then there are others who are just looking to add additional assets to their lives.” 

Todd continued to explain, “There is a trend in the market place where a lot of people just want to be an entrepreneur, they want more control over their lives, they want options. They want to create something that is uniquely theirs. Many of these people are graduating from college, trying to start families and they are looking at the lives their parents have made and don’t necessarily want to replicate that.”

When we asked the Ryders why they believed UR Association could help the kind of people Todd had been describing, Nicole answered that, “The system UR Association has in place is such that if we took ourselves out of the equation our team would be able to move forward and succeed without us. People need to see the heart beat of the organization. They need to come to one of our larger events and see how we come together and how through that unity we become excited about each other’s growth. When other people have success, you have success.”    

“You don’t see this much in corporate America, people putting others before themselves.” Todd added. “But UR Association is different.”  

Nicole continued, “There are people I know, people who aren’t part of this team, or any team. They have very few positive influences and I can see the differences and gaps in their lives. Our lives are so rich and our perspective has been shaped by the people we associate with. The way we look at the future has changed for the better.”

 “The future is bright,” Todd said, “A lot of young entrepreneurs in the organization are making their move and this brings new ways of thinking, new growth and new excitement. When combined with the wisdom and experience of people who have been in business for twenty, thirty, forty years you have an organization rich in perspectives and backgrounds.”

“This all comes together to create a system in which a person who wants to be an entrepreneur has a high chance of success if they put the work in.” Todd said. “In our system a person can move at any speed they want and with the variety of backgrounds and perspectives in our team, they can find a way to make the business work for them.”

Todd summed things by describing the organization as one that strives for perfection while realizing they are human as well. “We see this as a positive and exciting challenge that anyone can be a part of.” 

Principle Centered Leadership Can Change Your Life – Dustin and Amy Delay

When Dustin and Amy Delay sat down to tell us their story, Amy said that she was initially unsure about the possibility of “starting our own business”, but that meeting the leaders of UR Association quickly convinced both her and Dustin that the possibilities were endless. The Delays noted that the executive committee members demonstrated by example how successful one could be in both their business careers and personal lives. The Delays stated that, “After learning about the principles that the executive committee members and other leaders stood on, we both got very excited. All of them have tremendous businesses and lifestyles, but their success in their marriages is what sets them apart from any other organization or business we have ever been a part of.”

We asked the Delays to tell about why the leaders in the organization were so successful in so many facets of their lives. Amy answered, “The principle centered leadership of the organization is what sets it apart. The men and women of the executive team honor their word and really have a heart for others and are incredibly strong in their faith in God.” Dustin noted that the organization was very family oriented, which was surprising to both of Dustin and Amy, “They are very focused on the next generation and building legacies for kids and grandkids.”

The Delays continued by discussing how their family’s life would be different had they never had the opportunity to pursue their dreams through this entrepreneurial opportunity: “Our lives would be totally different. We wouldn’t be free. We would both be working full time jobs and would probably be super stressed out. We wouldn’t see our families as much as we do now. Also, we wouldn’t travel as much as we do.”

Beyond the opportunity for a more ideal lifestyle, we asked the Delays why they would recommend this business opportunity to others. They noted that, “Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, the organization is on the cutting edge of that and they are training others to own an ECommerce business. We have seen that many people are now looking for a business of their own. With the job market changing and the economy becoming more internet based, this business is a great fit for many who are looking for a unique opportunity. Many college graduates are starting to realize the job market isn’t as great as it used to be and the average salaries right out of college can make it challenging to get debt free, get ahead and plan for retirement.”

We then asked Amy and Dustin what someone who was interested in such a business opportunity absolutely needed to know before getting started: “It is hands down the best opportunity for anyone to start their own business. We believe the organization is filled with principle centered leadership who are willing to help others and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs. So, even with little to no business skills people can become successful.”

“Obviously it takes hard work, but not any more work than we or anyone else is already going to devote to full time careers. Not everyone decides to do the work, but the ones who are driven have a lifestyle like none we have ever seen.” 

Jon and Heather Demuth “Go in with an attitude…”

Jon and Heather Demuth recently achieved Founders-Emerald status in the Amway business and wanted to tell us their personal story of success.

The first thing the Demuths wanted to say about their journey with the business was what they thought their lives would be like without it. “We would be living for the weekends and living paycheck to paycheck. We would be selling out to our boss’s dream and not living our own. Without this business we wouldn’t have the role models of true leadership that we have found here.”

Speaking further Heather and Jon commented on some of the struggles they see young people facing today and why the business may appeal to them. They see that many young people are graduating from college with unmanageable student loan debt and are not able to find good paying jobs, let alone a good paying job in their field. This, the Demuths believe, is part of the reason for increased millennial interest in entrepreneurship. “We see an incredible trend with the millennial generation getting excited about options besides just working a 40 year career and not being able to retire.”

Debt and concerns about careers and retirement is not unfamiliar to the Demuths, as they spoke about their journey with the organization they noted one of the best things that has happened to them along the way: “We were able to pay off $50,000 in debt and help others do the same,” emphasizing the mentorship spirit of the organization. They continued to explain, “We have developed true, life long mentorships, not just corporate relationships that last the length of a contract.”

When asked what made this business different than the typical “corporate contract” relationship they said, “It is unique because the leaders are actually walking the talk. They don’t speak about things that they haven’t already done. They are doing the things that they are teaching and mentoring people to do. They are continually sharpening their saw and improving their skill set so they know how to best mentor those who seek their help and guidance.” Millennials value highly individuality and especially authenticity, two important traits espoused by UR Association.

“It’s a principle centered leadership organization,” the Demuths continued, “No free handouts and no fake fronts. If you want to be a leader in the business you need to earn it.” They stressed that, “The leadership training is the best out there because it is taught by individuals who are living and breathing the standards at the highest level. It will allow you to change the way you think, if you change the way you think you will change your decisions, if you change your decisions you can change your life.”

Jon and Heather ended with some encouragement for those thinking about getting involved in the business: “Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. Go in with an attitude that you will emerge yourself in the organization and be willing to grow.”

A Conversation With David and Sharron Coley

When David and Sharron Coley first began envisioning their business, first impressions where everything—their early, positive experiences helped them become the successful business owners they are today. And because they were so inspired they’ve not only become successful business owners, but leaders and mentors as well.

David and Sharron Coley first met David and Kristin Dussault at a local Business Brief. David said he was immediately inspired by their “passion and energy.” However the passion and energy wasn’t what most impressed him. David noted specifically that the atmosphere of integrity the Dussaults nurtured was one in which he would be willing “to build a business and have my family associated with.” Having been a military family that moved around a lot, the Coleys immediately recognized something permanent they could be a part of.

The Coleys began working with the Dussaults in 2007. From what David said, it seemed like his first impression of everyone in the organization was that they were excited, energized and motivated.

David said that when he first met the Dussaults he saw them as a team that was going somewhere. And the Coleys have found themselves going somewhere.  David said he has seen “tremendous growth” in he and Sharron’s business and attributes that to the “leadership and personal mentorship” they receive. He made it clear that no matter where he looked he saw successful and inspiring leaders. David said “The board of directors of the business are the right people, in the right place at the right time to help you move forward.”

The Coleys themselves have become leaders and mentors. Amway Achieve® magazine notes the Coley’s trip to Grand Rapids during which they shared the mentoring spirit by speaking to a group of Amway® employees and Western Michigan Aviation Academy students.* The article says of the couple, “As members of the U.S. Air Force, both know first hand that the sky is, in fact, not the limit.”*

It was important that the Dussaults made another impression on Sharron and David early on, in David’s words, it was their “glass house mentality.” David went on to explain, “they are the same on stage as they are in other aspects of their life.”

This was the biggest surprise for David, “it was that they were real.” David continued, “in my background people were not always as they appear behind closed doors. If there was anything that was a surprise it was that they are absolutely, one-hundred percent real.”

The authentic presence of the Dussaults and others in their organization lead the Coleys to challenge themselves to succeed.

When asked what has been most challenging about working with the organization David responded, “trying to explain to a person who doesn’t understand who we are, what we do, what we represent has been the most challenging.”

David explained, “Because it’s the purity of purpose we have with the organization. Particularly when you look at John and Jenny Belle Crowe and their life and what they’ve been through, and that they still want to stand up and want to lead this organization. That is pretty pure.”

David pointedly ended by saying the challenge wasn’t so daunting it keeps him from succeeding, but that it takes energy and dedication.

The Achieve® article also cites the Coley’s speech in Grand Rapids, when Sharron spoke of challenges: “When I started telling people I wanted to fly airplanes, I heard a lot of people say, “People from here [Baltimore] …we don’t do stuff like that, Sharron…There is no way!” You have to see yourself where you want to be.”*

Sharron saw where she wanted to be. She went on to become a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Now her and David’s business continues to grow as they envision their goals and reach towards them with the help of others and by helping others.

*Achieve Volume 8, Issue 3 2015